About Nirvana Lune

I am married to a wonderful husband, have two grown kids and two fun and adorable grand kids. I have lived in California and Chicago before settling in Arizona back in 2006.   

I've worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years, my passion has always been helping others; my job as a Breast feeding Consultant (while being a job I love) always left me feeling like there was something out there for me that would allow me to do more.


Throughout the years, I've been told  that there is "something" about me...and the fact was that I did feel different. While growing up I never felt that I actually fit in with my friends or classmates... or with my co-workers as an adult. I always saw and felt things from a different perspective, but I could never really figure out why. 

I discovered energy work and Reiki by chance, while researching alternative healing methods for myself.  I finally began to feel focused and centered, I began to trust my intuition. The more I learned about energy, synchronicity, entrainment, etc., the more that all those “coincidences”, “gut feelings” and “lucky guesses” started to make sense.  I come from a family of very intuitive women, starting with my mom and my sisters.

Becoming a Reiki Master also led me to learn and get certified in other other modalities such as Crystal Healing,  Aromatherapy, and Space Clearing.  I love practicing daily meditation and my hope is to be able to help you  discover the healthy and balanced individual that lives inside you as well as help facilitate positive changes through energy work. 

In love and light,