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Additional Services

Additional Products found at our Etsy Shop:

Meditation, Balancing and Healing Crystal Sets

Meditation Sets crystals stones manifestation relaxation reiki energy moon lunar charged

We create Meditation and Healing Sets to complement and support you in your treatments.  They are charged with Reiki, Lunar and Intentions for your highest good. We have various sets depending on your needs and we can create special ones upon request.  

Custome Made Crystal and Stone Jewelry

Manifesting crystals stones necklaces hand made vibes relaxation reiki energy moon lunar charged

Having a crystal or stone on you at all times helps support your Reiki treatments.  We create custom made necklaces to assist you.

Other Essential Products

smudge spray area aura cleansing energy balancing chakra balance

We create custom made Aura and Space Clearing Sprays. They help you keep your Chakras balanced or your space clean of negative energies.  We use 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.